The advanced medical analysis is conducted for examining and evaluating the different growing sectors within health care. This is done by collecting relevant information from all medical facilities and their staff. A particular format is used wherein all data is collected and analyzed. This can cover a wide range of topics such as medicines, medical equipments, disease control, growth in investments, employment rates and patient growth or reduction. It is important that the analyst is careful during the process of analysis since its outcome is useful for the medical sector as well as all related sections such as marketing, investments etc.  The advanced medical analysis should be formulated in a simplistic and understandable manner.

Sample Advanced Medical Analysis

This medical analysis has been conducted by COX Analyzers & Co.

Selected Medical Sector/ Subject/ Project: TRY Medical Equipment used for Endoscopic Treatment

Date: 6.3.2011

Purpose of Analysis: To ascertain whether the equipment has been updated and is fully functional and effective in the said treatments. The analysis covers over 45 medical facilities that use TRY Medical Equipment.

Medical Analysis Overview:

  • TRY had been introduced in 2003 and approved by W.H.O for all endoscopic medical examinations.
  • There has been four updates made over a span 8 years:
  1. Modification of TRY software system [2006]
  2. Upgrade of seating arrangement for patients. [2009]
  3. Introduction of new equipment features [2010]
  4. Update of software system [2011]
  • The efficiency of recording approximate information has been increased from  78% [2006] to 88% [2010]
  • No complaints made with regards to its usage and usability.

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