An advertisement analysis is a kind of an examination or assessment of a particular advertisement or a group of advertisements designed and developed by the same advertisement company. In this analysis, the advertisement is broken down into separate components and each component is then analyzed on the basis of how it works, how effective is it to please the audiences and what are its weak and strong points. An advertisement analysis is done by companies or agencies which award the best ads and divide them into categories etc.

Sample Advertisement Analysis

Advertisement analysis conducted by: Best Ads Group

Advertisement analysis presented by: Henry and Jacob

Advertisement category: TV ad

Name of product advertised: Nestle Chocolate

Nature of advertisement analysis:

  • The TV ad is being analyzed on the basis of the content, the language, use of space, message and moral, direction, music, background score, acting sequences and suitability for all age groups.
  • Each of these components will be awarded points out of 10.

Details of the advertisement:

  • The advertisement starts with a child shown craving for a Nestle chocolate and his mother is shown hiding the chocolates. But the look on the child’s face melts the heart of the mother, which is the background is symbolized by the melting of the nestle chocolate.
  • At the end of the ad, the child is shown enjoying the chocolate with this mother.

Verdict of the advertisement:

  • The direction of the ad is of acceptable standards and so are the background score and the theme.
  • There are no dialogues in the ad which works fine and gives a sweet message.
  • The ad is suitable and appropriate for all the age grounds and can be seen by a family together.

The advertisement analysis is to be presented to:

Mathew Parkinson

Hannah Kelly

Best Ads group

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