An attribute data analysis is an account that retains the results of a data analysis. It is replete with analytic points pertaining to the attributes of an object. It must be written specifically without digressing so that it is able to dig out the weakness of the attributes on the basis of which the manufacturer can be indicted.

Sample Attribute Data Analysis

Analysis commissioned by: Dogma Car Company

Data analysis conducted by: Farina Vegas, Analyst and PR Executive

Date of submission: 15th April, 2011

Purpose: Dogma’s first benchmark car is here in US and it’s ready to create a huge uproar with the upper classes given its stylish look and spunky features. But we want to see if it is going to be as successful as its counterparts.

Date of launch: 10th April, 2011

Company profile: Dogma cars have been courting great publicity since the time it had started out. We are ahead of many of our contemporaries because we are not only interested in amassing huge fortunes like other companies. We epitomize common people’s wishes and thus we are also called the “Common-Man’s Car”.

Special attributes:

  • The nexus between the make and the functionality is well defined as the rear quarter is the best angle that revitalises the limited space available at the foot of the car.
  • Absence of a spacious boot and ribbed roof is complemented by chunky c-pillars and large 15-in wheels.
  • The raised suspension adds to an extra 170mm of ground clearance.
  • The dashboard works in an illuminated manner with easy-to-read instruments and unconventional position.
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