A banking industry analysis provides a rigid ground on which the banking sector of a particular region is examined. It uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of the industry along with the opportunities and risks faced by it. This exposes the areas of failure and excellence both. Thus the document deserves to be created by experts who have sound knowledge.

Sample Banking Industry Analysis

Analysis commissioned by: American Bankers Association

Analysis documented by: Richard Declan

Analysis submitted on: 4th August, 2011

Theme: This analysis is made to understand the growth of the banking sector over the last 5 years and to find out the probable areas under threat in the coming future. The results would eventually throw light on the causes contributing to the present banking scenario.

In-depth account of the results found from the analysis of the industry:

1. Potency: The number of ATM machines has increased by 10% over the last decade. This has facilitated financial transactions for common people thus making more people remain steadfastly committed to the system.

2. Criticism: A clash between the escalating loan rates and decreasing bond credit rates has been the factor behind some of the small banks collapsing. This has deepened the risk factors associated with private investments.

3. Prospects: There are a number of avenues still left virgin and waiting to be discovered like forming associations between global and national banks and encouraging clientele through use of attractive policies.

4. Pressure: The declining state of the economy has posed great pressure on it forcing many banking organizations to redesign their business policies and practices.

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