A business plan financial analysis is a financial analysis of a business plan conducted by a company to assess the state of finances used and utilized in a business plan. No business can be properly conducted without planning and each plan requires a certain investment of time, money and labor. The business plan financial analysis tries to fathom the future projections of the finances.

Before setting out for a business plan, the company must be assured of the finances it shall require in the future and whether investing those finances is a clever decision or not. A sample of a business plan financial analysis has been given below and can be used by anyone for the purpose of reference.

SampleĀ Business Plan Financial Analysis

Company name: Gregory Corporation

Managing director: Mr. Gregory Adams

Business plan financial analysis conducted by: Fred Wesley (Head, Finance department)

Name of business plan: The 5 year business plan

Analysis conducted on: 5th July 2013

Analysis submitted on: 20th July 2013

Analysis submitted to: Gregory Adams


The financial analysis of the given business plan is being conducted to fathom the needs of finances in the future course of the business plan and to assess the financial profitability of this plan. The aim is to come to a rough estimate of the finances needed to carry on the implementation of the business plan.

Estimate of total costs required for the business plan: $100000

Total profit estimated: $150000

Time taken to regenerate costs: 3 years 4 months


The business plan is assumed to take about $10000 to start up

The business plan will start incurring profits only after the first 7 months of its tenure.

By the end of the 3rd year and the 4th month, the total estimated cost would be earned back.

Analysis signed as follows:

Gregory Adams

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