The business plan marketing analysis is a method through which companies gauge the existing and potential market for the incorporation of their business plan. This analysis helps subvert certain risk potential that could be detrimental to the company. This step is also necessary in order to implement necessary changes and revise the particular business plan. The analysis provides insight to the companies about their existing customers as well as informs them of the potential consumer market. It is essential that the analysis takes into consideration the product or services that are to be launched. The marketing analysis is to be conducted only after the business plan has been realized and structured so as to gain proper perspective.

Sample Business Plan Marketing Analysis:

Name of Company: TGB Mobile Co.

Name of Analyzer: Mr. Rein, Department of Market and Sales

Date: 6.5.2011

Business Plan Overview:

Name of Product: 5678 Android Phone

Potential time period of launch: In one year

Rough estimate of product: $230 per phone

Objective: To introduce an improved version of the 5678 Android phone.

Marketing Analysis Overview:

Objective: To fathom the growth and risk potential for the launch of the said product by the company.

  • Android Market: 9%
  • Existing Competition: 23%
  • New Features Response: Overall Positive (0.33%)
  • Profitability of the launch: 0.5%
  • Risk potential: 0.2%
  • Factors of Risk: Overpricing of new product, high availability of the android phone.

Summary: The plan needs to implement changes in the product layout and the price to increase profitability.

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