Business policy defines the principle or code of conduct that guides or justifies all actions of a company. It serves as a rule book to which each person associated with the company is accountable to, irrespective of their post. Business policy analysis calls for an in-depth study of a company’s business policies and attempts to interpret their meaning and impact on the company’s business prospects.

Sample Business Policy Analysis

Business policy analysis conducted by: Business analysis team, ABC book dealers.

Date of submission of business policy analysis report: May 12, 2012.

Name of the company: ABC Book Dealers.

Location: River Heights, Little Hampton Road, West Virginia.

Company history:

ABC book dealers have been one of the leading book distributors in West Virginia. The company store has become a favorite hangout zone for mist book lovers ever since its grand opening on March 2007. The company specializes in children’s and fictional books and has forged partnerships with several leading publishers who have promised to enrich their book collection.

Business policies in question:

The most popular business policies of the company are as follows:

  • Since the company started out as a children’s book dealer; despite the latest launching of adult fictional books and academic non-fictional books, it never compromises on the children’s section.
  • The company ensures hundred percent customer satisfaction.
  • The company has steered clear of any kind of commercialization that would encroach upon the main ethos of a book store.
  • The company promises to provide a comforting reading atmosphere for the book lovers.
  • The company allows customers to browse and read books without any disturbance.
  • The company follows a 24-hour return policy for all books.
  • The company refuses to accept book returns in case of damaged or torn books.
  • The company allows both cash and credit payment options to its customers.

Business policy analysis:

The business policies of the company are shrewdly framed in keeping with the company’s brand image. Its strict policies against commercialization have helped the company to maintain the sanctity of its reading atmosphere thereby attracting more and more real book lovers.

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