Business portfolio analysis is basically a process through which one may review all the factors that together build up an organization’s business portfolio. It involves a thorough analysis of an organization’s business objectives, policies, products and services to infer on the image the company projects in the market.

Sample Business Portfolio Analysis

  • Business portfolio analysis conducted by: Selene Travis, Business Analyst, Clickeasy Private Limited.
  • Date of submission of report: March 7, 2012.
  • Name of the company: Clickeasy Private Limited.

Company history:

The company was established on February 2005 and has been one of the frontrunners of camera sales in and around New York. The company is known for its cutting edge and top quality camera and photographic equipment. The company has been a part of several photographic events and has been an obvious choice for most professional photographers. Recently, it has launched a new line of camera and photographic equipment for amateur photographers that would serve as a great startup kit easing their entry into the world of amazing photography.

Business objective:

The motto of the company is to provide customers with the tools to enjoy the best photographic experience. Hence the company policy states customer needs and issues as their primary concern and design products solely to fulfill those needs. The pricing strategies are also formulated keeping in mind the affordability of their target customers.

Product analysis:

The Clickeasy photographic equipment is well known for their durability, cutting edge style, quality and special features. Over the years the company has gained the trust of professional photographers with their state-of-the-art products that promise the best photographic experience with enviable zooming capacity and shutter speed and additional features that allows one to click pictures from almost anywhere and everywhere in every mode and situation.

Service analysis:

The company prides on its excellent customer service department that excels in handling and resolving all kinds of customer problems. The company is known to provide hundred percent customer satisfactions with its bench of efficient staffs who are prompt in action when it comes to help customers.


The portfolio of the company is perceived in the market as one of the leading businesses in the world of photography. The company bears a high reputation among the professionals who feel that their products well represent their needs. However, the company needs to make its image a bit more inclusive to attract amateurs along with professionals.

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