Business requirement analysis is a document, prepared by the business analysis team of the company, which enlists the requirements of a particular business or any related projects. It also assesses the cost of implementation, the process of implementation, and the possible outcome after implementing such requirements.

Sample Business Requirement Analysis:

Business Requirement Analysis of ABP Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

Presented by: Mr. John Watson, supervisor, BA team.

Date of submission: 1st January, 2011.

This business requirement analysis is prepared by the research team of our company, which enlists the requirements for launching our new product. We also document the procedure of procurement, the approximate cost and the benefit of such implementations.

Business Requirements:

  • The foremost requirement is the fund that is needed to start this project. An amount of $ 250,000 is required to initiate the project.
  • Raw materials are to be imported from abroad, which would need signing of proposal of other countries, who are interested to join in this project.
  • Machinery and tools required for this project are to be purchased, and some special equipment is to be designed by engineers for specific purpose.
  • A team comprising of professionals is required to design the blueprint of the project and distribute it to different departments.

Analysis report:

The business analysis team has come to a conclusion that to meet its requirements, the company must start sending proposals to different sponsors to collect funds. Once this is met, the other necessities can be solved. The project can bring laurels for the company, as it has a chance of making high profits. The work should begin as soon as possible. A detailed suggestion and a list of contacts is enclosed herewith this report, for further reference.

Mr. John Watson,

Supervisor, business analysis team,

ABP Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

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