Business risk analysis is the procedure to analyse the factors that can recede the success rate or progress of the business. It also enables the company to take preventive measures and rectify the problem areas, as identified by the analyst. It is usually prepared by the group of business analyst, under the guidance of a supervisor. This is an indispensable tool for any business house.

Sample Business Risk Analysis:

Business Risk Analysis commissioned by: Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Business Risk Analysis created by: BA team, Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission: 1st January, 2011.

This business risk analysis has been prepared over a period of one year, under my guidance and supervision, with the aid of various professional tools like PESTLE analysis, market prediction, accessory checking, staff performance, managerial skills and other methods.

Objectives of the business risk analysis:

  • Analyse the competitive vulnerability of the company.
  • Overcoming the limitations for which the company is at risk.
  • Taking preventive measures and rectifying the problem areas.

Tools used for business risk analysis:

  • Survey sheets for each department, assessing their potential and competence.
  • Checking of accessories, implements and equipments.
  • Assessing cash reserves and financial stability.
  • Analyzing public shares of the company.

Risk analysis / Report:

The analysis and research conducted by our group has revealed that the company is progressing quite steadily and the profit rates are according to the company’s target. There is no serious threat to the company and the report rates are quite satisfactory. However, our team has found certain loopholes in the working of the accessories and implements, used by the company. They are old, backdated and require replacement or up-gradation immediately, or else can pose future problems.

A detailed analysis of each sector has been enclosed herewith this report for the company’s perusal.

Mr. Robert Ridley,

Supervisor, Business Analysis Team,

Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.


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