A business travel analysis is a kind of an analysis which is conducted by a company to fathom the trends and benefits of business related travel of that company over a period of a certain time frame. Any such analysis helps a company determine the amount it is spending on business travels and if these costs are meeting the worth of the business travels.

A business travel analysis may consist of the costs of flight journeys, train journeys, hotel charges, preparation costs etc. a sample of one such travel analysis has been given below and can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Business Travel Analysis

The following Business travel analysis for ‘Henderson Corporation’

Date: 3/5/2012

Analysis conducted by: Mr. Tim Redding (senior executive)

Analysis submitted to: Jack Henderson (Managing director)

Date of submitting the analysis: 20/5/2012

Aim of the Business Travel Analysis:

This business travel analysis is done and conducted to analyze the profitability of the travelling expenses and the whether the time spent was worth the profit or not. This analysis does not only review the amount spent but also the amount earned in a period of the last 2 years.

Method of Conducting Analysis:

  • The analysis started by making a list of all business related travels of the company in the last two years and calculating the costs of each of the travels separately.
  • Then each travel was compared to the profit earned by that particular business outing and a verdict about its usability, profitability, worth and benefits was given out.
  • Similarly, an overall travel figure was calculated and compared to the result of all the business travels conducted in the past few years.


On analyzing the business travel trends, we come to a conclusion that business travels help in expansion of business range and domain and raises the possibility of better connections and growth.

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