Civil engineering analysis is a technique through which certain products are tested, produced and/or maintained. This analytical process is used specifically in factories for supervising the basic and primary steps of production and also to understand the causes of failure, if any. This analysis is also used to test the quality of the production as well. The engineers are hired for the purpose of supervision. This process is also used to determine the cost and time required for completing a certain production.

The analysis also determines the various components used for the production. There is the application of various scientific principles and processes which show the properties of the system used, the mechanism and the technology used as well. This analysis is essentially used to decipher the mechanism of failure and operation and also estimating every part during the failure, thereby analyzing risk. This is essentially used for testing mechanical structures, operating systems and other mechanical parts in order to see the efficiency and quality of the process.

Sample Civil Engineering Analysis

The following analysis has been conducted under the Shamus and Shamus Ltd.

Civil Engineers: Mr. Frye and Co.

Production of: MP3 Player with podcast facility

Date: 7.4.2012

Purpose: To determine the production process, cost and equipment to be used for creating the product.

Estimated Time of production: 3 months

Production Process Analysis:

  • Equipment to be used has been tested by the RTA Safety Conductors and approved for production process.
  • Estimated cost of the materials to be used: $3 million
  • Capital used so far: $10 million
  • Efficiency of the Production in terms of Cost: 56% favorable
  • Efficiency of the Production in terms of quality: 33% favorable
  • Risk of production: 77%


Production requires more emphasis on quality and a safer environment must be incorporated before proceeding with this process.

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