The abilities and traits that are essential for a job are referred to as competencies. It is the work of the job analyst to find out the appropriate proficiencies to suffice a job. A competency job analysis is a prerequisite to match the skills of a candidate to the demands of a job so that there is maximum job compatibility and job satisfaction subsequently.

Sample Competency Job Analysis

Name of the organization applying for job analysis: Gold Banking.

Analysis authorised by: Betty Gordon, the chief executive head of the HR department of Satter Agency.

Position to be analysed: Senior Manager.

The competencies important for the post: A senior manager has to be very conscientious and spontaneous in decision making matters. He must be brilliant in sensing discriminating, understanding issues and transformation of efforts to performance. He should be expert at conflict management to resolve functional, horizontal and organizational conflicts. Managers have to accept the responsibility after taking up challenges or engaging in risk-taking behaviours. A very high competency, in this regard, is equivalent to great leadership potential to certify overall personal and personnel growth.

Educational requirements of the job:

  • Higher studies in Business Management or MBA degree from a certified institution.
  • Intensive knowledge and experience in business management as job incumbent.
  • Reliable academic background with a high percentage in the board level exams.
  • Candidate will have to go through apprenticeship training for a period of 8 months.

Yearly pay package: Approximately $200000 with perks and benefits.

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