A competitor analysis format is a document assisting in logical sequencing of details to report a competitor analysis. All the immediate and future elements of the competitors of a product are taken into account while drawing the analysis. It gives due importance to the powers and deficiencies of the competitor companies as well.

Sample Competitor Analysis Format:

Name the industry whose competitors are to be analyzed __________________

Analysis conducted by _______________________

Submission of the analysis __________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the format must draw attention to the details of the product name and the organization name which has demanded the competitor analysis. The nature of the analysis and the methods that have been followed must be mentioned. A competitor analysis is done through critically assessing the strategies and techniques pursued by the individual competitor companies.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must highlight the factors which are to be taken into consideration while making the illustration of the analysis. The names and details of the competitors must be mentioned as that would give a clear picture of the existing competitors in the market. The profiling of competitors must be done meticulously to avoid errors in representing facts about them, with special reference to the market conditions of the competitors and their organizational policies and objectives.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must stress on the findings of the analysis and the developments to be undertaken by the company. It must give a detailed understanding of the existing competitors as well as the future prospects of competition from upcoming competing industries. The conclusion must be drawn with the aid of media propagations of the companies to understand their course of work.

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