Competitor swot analysis allows business organizations to identify and assess their competitors so as to formulate strategies that would help them gain advantage over the competitors in the market. Swot stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Hence these are the four categories through which one may analyze one’s competitors and accordingly tailor one’s business strategies to gain an edge over them in the market.

Sample Competitor Swot Analysis

  • Competitor swot analysis performed by: Nora Sparks.
  • Date of submission of analysis report: March 26, 2012.
  • Name of the company: Drivesmooth Cars Private Limited.

Products offered:

High speed, reliable, cutting edge car models for people of all age and needs. Though the company specializes in family cars, it has also recently launched a new series of sports cars to attract the adventure loving customers. The USP of the company lies in its fashionable yet practical designs and top quality parts.

Competitor swot analysis:

Super fast Car Company

  • Strengths: Top quality parts, cutting edge style, variety of models, durable.
  • Weaknesses: Expensive, yet to build a brand name.
  • Opportunities:Has a youth connect, innovative marketing strategies.
    • Threats: Car prices seem to be out of reach for the commoners who form the larger demographic of the place.

Carmagic Automobiles Private Limited

  • Strengths: Affordable prices, durable quality parts, reputed brand name. Specializes in vintage models.
  • Weaknesses: Marketing strategies.
  • Opportunities: Has a solid base of customers owing to its reputation and history.
  • Threats: Models being a bit old fashioned and lack of innovative marketing strategies, the company fail to connect with the youth.

Amazing Wheels Private Limited

  • Strengths: Variety, affordable prices, latest models.
  • Weaknesses: Complaints regarding quality and durability.
  • Opportunities: Innovative marketing strategies and promotional gimmicks help them lure amateurs easily. Affordability too plays an advantageous factor.
  • Threats: Yet to create a brand name. Complaints from customers harm reputation.

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