Content analysis is a method through which a given content is studied, examined and analyzed on the basis of the language used, grammar used, vocabulary used and the relevance of the content to the purpose. Content analysis can be done for a number of different purposes like evaluation of keyword popularity, evaluation of the importance of the content etc. Sometimes, content of a novel or a book to is analyzed to pass verdict on whether the write up will gain popularity or not. The following is a sample of content analysis which can be used for reference by anyone:

Sample Content Analysis

This is a content analysis of a novel by the name of ‘Shepherd’s daughter’

Name of writer: Greg Markson

Publication name: Booksworth publications, London

Category of novel: fiction/drama

Content analysis conducted by: Best

Content analysis done and presented by: Peter Black

Date of submission of content analysis: 23rd June 2013

Goal of content analysis:

  • The purpose of analyzing the content of the book is to understand the purpose, moral and story of the book.
  • The other purpose or objective of conducting the content or book analysis is to find out whether the book deserves to be on the list of the Best Book or not.

Nature of analysis:

  • The book is reviewed or analyzed on the basis of the story, writing, grammar used, atmosphere created, imagination, creativity, originality and attractiveness.
  • The analysis is done by reading and rereading the book and noting down the positives and the negatives to give a rating to the book.

Verdict of analysis:

  • The novel is an easy book to read without use of superior or difficult words.
  • It is easy to imagine and proves to be a quick read.
  • The words and language used is simple and thus average.

Rating: 5.5/10.

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