Critical Incidents job analysis focuses on identification and establishment of behaviours and traits that are crucial for the success and failure of a performance. It is done on the basis of intensive observation of the tasks of a job incumbent. These are to be carefully noted down to carve out the route to excellent performance.

Sample Critical Incidents job Analysis

Initial details of job in question: The critical incident job analysis method has been conducted for the post of a teacher in the organization, St. George High School. The method has been standardised on a sample of practicing teachers by Stanley Herb, HR executive of Durbin Consultancies, to recognize the critical incidents that may pose a severe challenge to the job of a teacher.

Critical Incidents common to this job: A teacher has to first know the critical incidents that are potential to curb his success and growth. A proper procedure of prioritization of tasks and their consequent rational adoption comprise of the critical incidents. A teacher should give time for collective classes and individual queries after class to warrant complete understanding of students. Teachers should not ignore, criticize or show apathy towards the students’ needs and try to collaborate with co-workers and teachers of other schools to provide scope of enrichment.

Credentials of a teacher: The candidate must have a B.Ed degree along with experience of teaching at secondary level. The salary starts from $300000 per annum. Personality pattern and communication skills to be taken into account as well.

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