A customer analysis format is a document which aspires to guide the management of a company to form a conclusion about the customer base of their product. All products are manufactured and priced adhering to customs that ascertain maximum need fulfilment and satisfaction of customers.

Sample Customer Analysis Format

Name of the product that is subjected to customer analysis ________________

Customer analysis conducted by ______________________

Date of submitting the customer analysis _________________

First paragraph: The first paragraph must convey information about the product for which the customer base needs to be analysed. A detailed knowledge of the product and its application in practicality will help the analyst to examine the customer base of that product. Differentiation of customers must be done on the basis of these attributes. The nature of the analysis is mainly qualitative in this case since it takes the opinions and views of customers into account through interviews and case studies.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must impart information about the various attributes of the customers. It is customary to mention the age group of the customers as age signifies the level of commitment towards the product. The benefits and satisfaction derived from the use and maintenance service of the product must be stated. The geographical location of the customers is an important issue to be mentioned along with as that would give an idea about where to market and advertise the product.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must construe an objective conclusion of the analysis. It must give an outline of what kind of people or which section of the society forms the customer base so that the management can work on the product accordingly.

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