A customer analysis template is a document which serves as a structural form of a customer analysis report. Customer analysis is mandatory to get a detailed idea of the customers’ needs, requirements and demands. The work of an analyst revolves around determination of the dynamics behind the psychological and economic satisfaction of the buyers and the sellers respectively. The profit orientation of a company is directly related to increase in sales which are in turn related to customer discretion.

Sample Customer Analysis Template

Customer analysis conducted by: _______________________ [Mention the name of the agency conducting the analysis]

Customer analysis commissioned by: _____________________ [Mention the name of the agency which seeks the customer analysis to be done]

Product whose customer analysis is to be done: ___________________ [Mention the name and characteristics of the product whose customer analysis is being conducted]

Product is manufactured by: _______________________________ [Mention the particulars of the organization manufacturing the product]

Purpose of customer analysis: _______________________________________ [Mention the purpose of customer analysis like efficient marketing of the product in the right place and targeting the right section of the population]

Factors to be considered while evaluating the customer base of the product:

  • Age group of customers committed to the product: _____________________
  • Geographical residence of the target customers: ________________________
  • Socioeconomic status of the population segment: _______________________
  • Psychological determinants of customer satisfaction: ____________________
  • Benefits derived from the product: _____________________________
  • Current price and availability of the product: ________________________

For further details and information contact: _____________________________ [Provide a valid contact number/email address]

Download Customer Analysis Template

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