Customer attrition is the phenomenon of losing business due to the loss of clients or customers. Customer attrition analysis is, therefore, basically done by companies at regular quarters to keep a tab on their consumer count and to take necessary steps to prevent the loss of them. These surveys are very important and must have quantitative and qualitative facts and figures which accounts for customer loss.

Sample Customer Attrition Analysis

Customer attrition analysis for- Zedge Telecommunications, San Francisco.

Analysis conducted by- Fair Statistics, San Francisco.

Dat of submission of analysis- June 29, 2012

Purpose of analysis-

To study the exact loss of the company incurred due to attrition of old clients in the last quarter from 12th March to 12th June 2012. This analysis also provides immediate measures to recover them with the help of a detailed chart for every sector and the reasons for the loss in customer number.

Possible reasons of attrition acquired by market review-

Compared to ZEDGE, other telecom giants have created a big buzz in the mass market with the help of attractive offers and promotional packs that has helped customers to decrease their local call rates. The failure to offer good rate cutters and customized talk value plans for the corporate customers has resulted in this quarter’s customer attrition.

Chart of Attrition in the various sectors in this quarter:

Consumer Type

Gross Client Loss



1. Corporate 110 Lack of customized talk value plans To provide immediate customized talk value plans to the corporate users.
2. Individual 9800 Insufficient rate cutters and costly promotional packs To introduce good rate cutters for decreasing local call rates
3. Broadband 1030 Lack of good internet speed, low quality modem and high rates. To increase net speed and to offer higher data usage plans at lower costs.

Path Ahead:

Implementation of the plans and schemes is expected to result in less customer attrition in the next quarter and may also bring back a few customers who have switched to other service providers.

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