business or organization investigates its processes as far as customer satisfaction and analysis of customer competition is concerned. These aspects are crucial to the success of a business, or a company, as by knowing one’s competition and one’s own strengths and weaknesses, improvements can be brought about and flaws eradicated. Since all enterprises cater to a specific clientele, it is imperative that client profiling be done and optimum customer satisfaction be aimed at. All these can be done through a customer competitor analysis whose results must be tabulated in the correct manner.

Sample Customer Competitor Analysis:

Name of business enterprise: Charcoal Flames [fine dining restaurant]

Name of competing enterprise which has created the space for a customer competitor analysis: Flame and Skewer [fine dining restaurant, on the same block of 45th East, Manhattan] A customer competitor analysis is the method by which a company,

You can Download the Free Customer Competitor Analysis form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Customer Competitor Analysis is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Customer Competitor Analysis

Download Customer Competitor Analysis

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