A customer environment analysis basically aims at studying and analyzing the various external forces that may affect the business of a certain organization. Environmental analyses are very important as they help to determine the potential threats and positives that are going to create a factor in the organization’s loss and profit. These analyses are mainly done considering the two broad classifications of factors, namely, the micro and the macro. Macro factors are those that may affect the business directly and micro factors are the ones which are present in the small minutes and may come in consideration.

Sample Customer environment analysis:

  • Name of organization– Chinese Flavors Family Restaurant, Southampton
  • Analysis done by– Synergy Solutions.
  • Date of submission of analysis– 12th February 2012.
  • Purpose– To change the present Chinese cuisine to Indian and to study the effects the change may have on the business.

The following parameters were taken into consideration and the results and inference were drawn accordingly.

  • Radius of Consumer base- The Southampton area radius consists of a total of 850 Indian families and therefore, there is a good chance of the restaurant to prosper with the change of cuisine.
  • Geographical Barriers- The restaurant is situated exactly 5 km away from the main Indian island which might actually turn out to be a problem as the distance is a bit too much for regulars.
  • Economic Barriers- The prices of the foods should be averagely priced because Southampton consists of both mediocre and economically rich Indian families. The others can be ignored as the main target group is the Indians.
  • Competition- Competition is meek as the island does not have any specialized Indian restaurants with only an Indian coffee shop serving Indian savory and sweets.
  • Tie ups- Corporate tie-ups would not be beneficial for this restaurant as it is basically a down hill location without the presence of much corporate enterprises.

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