A customer requirement analysis is a researched document, created by the research analyst’s team of the company, which enumerates the requirements and expectations of the customers. It is prepared with the aid of certain professional tools such as filling of survey sheets, questionnaire, sales record and other related methods. The report documents the necessity of addressing the requirements.

Sample Consumer Requirement Analysis:

Customer Requirement Analysis prepared for: Salt Club Restaurant.

Report prepared by: Mrs. Dorothy Swift, Business Analyst.

Date of Submission: 1st of January, 2011.

This customer requirement analysis is prepared to know what the consumers are expecting from us and address their needs and requirements accordingly. It is prepared with assistance of our business research analysis team, who has given their advice and suggestions.

Objectives of Customer requirements analysis:

  • Know the requirements and needs of the customers and serve them accordingly.
  • To analyze whether our business plan is in accordance with the requirements of the customers, and if not then alter and prepare them accordingly.

Tools used for requirement analysis:

  • Consumer survey sheets.
  • Online feedback forms.
  • Past and present sales records.
  • Statistical report of product sales.

Anlysis Report:

The analysis report shows that the primary requirement of the customers is price reduction of certain commodities. They have complained regarding the exorbitant prices of the food. However, the quality and service of the restaurant have been appreciated. They have also demanded that more varieties of foods should be included in the menu. The customers want the restaurant to open new branches in different parts of the city.

The issues of the consumers must be addressed and the company must try to meet their demands as much as possible, to ensure better sales.

Mrs. Dorothy Swift,

Business Analyst, Salt Club Restaurant.

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