A customer satisfaction analysis is a technical document prepared in the corporate sector, by almost all profit-making organizations that deal with a huge clientele. The analysis of customer satisfaction details is largely important for every company to identify the source of its profit and develop it further and also to examine the weaker areas in terms of customer satisfaction and work on them effectively.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Company conducting the customer satisfaction analysis: Mc. Pearson Pvt. Ltd.

Date of analysis: 14th April, 2011

Product for which customer satisfaction is being analyzed: HP cell phones.

HP series is a new range of mobile phones launched by the Mc. Pearson Pvt. Ltd., under the brand name of Pearson Mobiles. It has a number of products of the same series – the HP 01, HP 21 and the excellent HP 003, all of which have amazing properties and highly technical specifications that provides numerous applications.

Objectives of customer satisfaction analysis:

  • The primary objective of customer satisfaction analysis is obviously to collect feedback from clients and, most importantly, thoroughly analyze the survey reports. It is very much necessary to estimate, as accurately as possible, the satisfaction level of customers in response to this newly launched series of mobiles.
  • The series has been designed in a way to present an intelligent blend of technology, as a result of which each product is unique in appearance and also functions. The analysis will thus help the makers to identify the features that have been accepted well by clients.
  • Eventually, such an analysis will provide proper estimation of market needs and demands and thus help the company to offer better services by recognizing them and designing products accordingly.

Tools for analysis:

  • User feedback in form of questionnaire.
  • Interactive sessions and seminar.
  • Acquiring of reports.
  • Data analysis.

Group members conducting the analysis: Stella Jones, Roger Sam, Marc Stephens.

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