Customer segmentation analysis is a very useful tool that helps in making a certain organization make a systematic analysis of the mass market where they cater to. It is an effective business strategy that allows the company to understand its consumer base and provide for customized solutions and pricing for specific target groups. It also helps in pointing out the basically important areas of target consumer groups and the methods by which these groups can be individualized to ensure smoother product supply and features.

Sample Customer Segmentation Analysis

Name of Company-                            Samsong Mobiles, Texas.

Customer Segmentation analysis by- Synergy Logistical solutions, New Jersey.

Date of submission of report-            19th August 2012.

Contact details in case of doubts and suggestions-

Purpose of Customer Segmentation Analysis- To successfully take an account of the various segments of the customer base of the company and to divide them successfully into well defined groups to help the company incorporate various features in specific devices for specific groups and to maintain a uniformed pricing strategy for each group.\

Segmentation Chart of total customer base of the company


Business mobile devices and tablets

Advanced user devices Learner user devices Basic user devices

Target group

Corporate customers including radio professionals on the move

Media and other working professionals College/ University/ School students, who are willing to buy a slightly better model than basic devices Lower middle class strata of society

Expected Features

Android, Touch screen OR qwerty key pad , high end camera, Push mail, 3G connectivity,

Touch screen OR qwerty key pad, 2G/3G connectivity, good camera features, integrated music player, high end accessories Bar type or touch screen, good call features, interesting add-on features, high quality preloaded games, basic VGA camera features, music player Bar phone with music and radio and good call features


Very Highly priced

Highly priced Moderate pricing Basic and low pricing

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