A data analysis template highlights the information which must be incorporated in a data analysis report. A data analysis template must indicate the details of the exercise, including the kind of data in question and the statistical tools employed to form conclusions. Thus a data analysis template must be written clearly and carefully.

Sample Data Analysis Template

Data analysis conducted by: _____________________________________ [Mention the organization undertaking data analysis]

Data analysis commissioned by: __________________________________ [Mention the organization for which data analysis is being conducted]

Data analysis report submitted on: _________________________________ [Mention the data on which the data analysis report was submitted]

Purpose of the data analysis: ________________________________________ [Provide an account of the reasons for this analysis and its benefits]

Nature of the data analyzed: _________________________________________ [Mention the kind of data being analyzed in order to lend clarity to the report]

Core statistical team: ___________________________________________ [Mention the name of the core statistical team in charge of the data analysis]

Statistical tools employed:

  • Tool 1: ___________________________
  • Tool 2: ___________________________
  • Tool 3: ___________________________ [Enumerate the various technological and methodological tools used for the data analysis]

Conclusions reached:

  • Conclusion 1: ___________________________
  • Conclusion 2: ____________________________
  • Conclusion 3: ___________________________
  • Conclusion 4: ___________________________ [Enlist the various conclusions reached in the data analysis process and also mention the reasoning and deduction used to reach such conclusions]

Benefits of the data analysis:

  • Benefit 1: ______________________________
  • Benefit 2: ______________________________
  • Benefit 3: ______________________________ [Mention the benefits of the

Fr more information contact: ______________________ [Provide a valid contact detail]

Download Sample Data Analysis Template

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