Data development analysis is a very useful tool that helps in finding an accurate mean of all sector of an industry for the easy understanding of the rate of success of the industry and its technical wings. This data helps in making sure that the management of the company gets to know the rate of success that the various sectors are generating and also helps in taking decisions regarding their fate.

Sample Data Development Analysis

  • Data development analysis of- Xingjian group of companies
  • Data development analysis by- Ganado services Pvt. Ltd
  • Data development analysis submission date- 12th December 2012


To take a final decision, based on the Data development analysis, about closing down a couple of the industry wings due to the extensive loses faced by the company in the last economic year.

The selection of DMU

DEA is used to evaluate the relative effectiveness of the same type departments. In this study, the Decision-making units contains 36 industry, such as Xingjian mining and washing of coal, extraction of Petroleum and natural gas, processing of ferrous metals ores, processing of nonferrous metals ores etc.

Analysis of the DEA model

Based on the above indexes, we used the EMS2.0 software to measure the relative efficiency value of 36 industry departments of 2012 in Xingjian, and the results obtained are provided here.

Results of the various Industry Departments of the company based on DEA Model (2012)

Industry departments Mean

  • Coal Mining and Washing-                        0.645
  • Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas- 5.174
  • Processing of Ferrous Metals Ores-            0.771
  • Processing of Nonferrous Metals Ores-      0.750
  • Processing of Nonmetal Ores-                    0.872
  • Processing of from Agricultural Food-       0.822
  • Manufacture of Food-                                  0.748
  • Manufacture of Beverage-                           0.700

Result of the DEA

  • The DEA of Petroleum and natural gas extraction is 5.174 which is maintaining the highest level.
  • Among 8 industries, three industries are DEA effective.

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