Data analysis, as the name suggests, is processing and condensing of data into meaningful conclusions that help in decision making for practical purposes in the most efficient manner. There are numerous firms and companies along with governments that stress on the growing importance of data analysis in day to day business. The modeling of policies and its cost effective implementation for a specific objective or for a multiple of inter-related goals is essentially based on a quality data analysis. There are several techniques for analyzing a data both on the quantitative and qualitative platforms. There are basic and advanced level statistical software packages that help in rigorous processing of the numerical data. Moreover, there are software available for the purpose of doing a comprehensive qualitative analysis of the condensed data.

There are various purposes of data analysis. Two of the broad objectives are predictive purposes and descriptive purposes. The activity of data mining is one of the crucial elements of data analysis that is used for predictive purposes and designing of policies accordingly.

The functioning of a particular business is often a major concern of data analysis that it aims to streamline by recommending good policy prescriptions after a deep study of the available information.

Before data analysis is done, the process of data integration is very important in which the data is gathered, sorted out into planned categories and made ready for a numerical analysis or qualitative study.

A band of variegated parameters and elements such as profitability, input costs, inventory changes, sales, revenues etc are taken into account in data analysis centered on business centric activities.

But, the data analysis has a much broader approach, as it is performed for studying different sociological issues. It has got tremendous relevance in the political domain too, where it assists in speculating the moods of the voters just prior to a major election, helping the concerned party to design its campaign program.

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