A deductive data analysis is a very useful tool that helps in citing the reasons and percentile of the losses that a certain organization suffers. It is very important to know how much customer base a company is losing per quarter to make sure that the losses can stopped to make the company stature better. It is very important to know the solutions that should be adapted to stop these losses and therefore a deductive data analysis should be done at least once a year, if not more, to know the customer base clearly. It also helps in drawing a comparison between the previous records and also to find more customized solutions that need to be offered in the conceding year of business.

Sample Deductive Data Analysis

  • Deductive data analysis for– Simplex Tele communications
  • Deductive data analysis created by– Sun Infra Solutions, Texas
  • Date of submission of Deductive data analysis– 17th November 2011

Chart of Deductive Data Analysis

It is prepared for Simplex Tele communications to highlight the losses incurred by the company in the present financial year and to draw a comparison with the previous year of business. The reasons of deductions and solutions are also provided along.

Type of Consumer

Deduction database of this year(2011) and last year (2010)

All numerical data is provided in percentile.

Reasons for loss in Customer base

Solutions for regaining customer base

Corporate 23% (2011)

17% (2010)

No customized interconnected plans, lack of bundled offers, poor call functions. Immediate bundled offers and call functions.
Individuals 13% (2011)

7% (2010)

Slow GPRS connectivity, lack of good promotional packs, lack of smart advertising plans Good promotional packs and better advertising required immediately
Broadband 56% ( 2011)

24% (2010)

Slow connectivity, lack of 3G connections, poor network strength, competitor pressure, lack of good and economical data plans Introduction of 3G connectivity, good data packs, better network

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