The demography of an area is the count of the human beings living in that specific area. Demography data analysis is the study that helps in counting this number and grouping the total amount into four basic categories i.e. age, sex, migration and annual income. This helps in not only deducing the male-female ratio in the area, but also helps in understanding the present economic conditions of that area.

Demographic analysis are needed to be done with utmost responsibility and is usually carried out by State governments and Central governments of various countries on a periodical basis to determine the population check in any given area.

Sample Demography Data Analysis

This Demography Data Analysis was conducted by Synergy Solutions of Southampton on behalf of the State Government on January 12, 2012. The area under analysis covered the entire region of Southampton, England. Below is the report of the analysis.

Purpose of analysis- To determine the exact figures of population of the given area and to classify them in to groups according to the four basic parameters for this year (2011-12) and to determine the number of babies in the area under five years of age for the upcoming project of polio vaccination. The four basic parameters of this year are male and female count, babies count up to five years of age and migration citizens respectively.

This analysis will also provide the information that whether this count is more than last year’s analysis.

Demographic Data Analysis Chart

Name of Area of the state and total area. Male Female Babies up to the age of five years for polio vaccination Migration
Indian Island 2000 1100 278 130
Chinese Street 3600 4200 645 228
Codington Road 1900 550 225 322

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