Dental Assistant Job Analysis is one that determines whether the person assigned to this role possess strong communication skills and is skilled in taking up the dental cases in place of their supervisors in the event of an emergency. Responsibilities for Dental Assistant are varied which range from assisting the dentist during treatment procedures, taking patient’s medical history and serve as infection control officer.

Additional responsibilities include making patients feel comfortable before and after treatment, and imparting the oral hygiene practices to them.

Sample Dental Assistant Job Analysis

Joe Black – Dental Assistant (Dr. Alex Cross) Analysis conducted by: Cross Dental Clinic.

Joe Black Analysis report presented by: Bay Stanford, Recruitment Head – Star Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Dental Assistant Analysis:

  • To analyze whether the assistant has high level of trust with his Dentist in performing the duties as assigned from time to time.
  • To measure how many satisfied customers he has earned over a period of association at the dental clinic.
  • To evaluate the effects of successful teachings of oral hygiene to the patients upon re-examination reports of the patients.
  • Dexterity to handle different dental treatment procedures with ease.

Dental Assistant Job Analysis breakdown in year 2013:

  • Effective Patient Oral hygiene knowledge transfer = 80%
  • Dexterity to handle multiple dental procedures  = Within 2-3 days only
  • Ability to take charge of the situation = 85% success
  • Winning trust of patient and Dentist = 90%

The above report indicates that Joe Black – Dental Assistant (Dr. Alex Cross) has very good rapport with his dentist boss and is instrumental to learn things very fast. His dexterity to handle multiple things in dental treatment procedure is truly impressive. No doubt, he is an ideal candidate for Dental Assistant job who can be counted upon to deliver on time with assured results.

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