E-business industry analysis is very similar to the business analysis done for offline companies. The e-businesses are generally those which have online websites to cater to and appeal to different online users and customers. The analysis takes into account the visibility of the business in terms of SEO in different search engines. This determines the visibility of the website and the success rate of the marketing and promotion. The analysis will also see whether the online business is able to meet the varied demands of the consumers.

It will identify the problem areas and seek to rectify them through different strategies created at the end of the analysis. This can be any kind of business right from an online book store, website building company, a home appliance shopping website etc. The analysis is done periodically to assess the resources and also to determine the business status of the company as opposed to the other competitors.

Sample E-business Industry Analysis

E-business Company: HomeShopingNetwork.com

Date: 3.4.2012

Company Summary: An online shopping network that sells electronics, home appliances and other goods required within the household.


  • To gauge profit/ loss of the company
  • To identify problems within the  online shopping system
  • To improve sales strategies and increase overall profit and revenue generation

The analysis has shown:

  • SEO visibility: 5%
  • Revenue Generation: $1 million every year (on an average)
  • Profitability: 5% (as compared to similar e-businesses)
  • Increase in customers: 7% in the last 2 years

Next Steps to be taken:

  • Create a broader and more expansive online delivery system that accommodates suburban areas.
  • Increase discount prices by introducing coupons in purchases of particular amounts
  • Include different categories of products so as to appeal to more customers.

The Homeshippingnetwork.com is running profitably and need to implement the above for further profit generation.

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