Business thrives on competition. Thus, no matter how good a business might be by dint of its product quality or business strategies, it is always confronted with competitors and success lies in analyzing, anticipating and finally outsmarting one’s competitor’s strategy. E-commerce competitor analysis allows one to do that and much more. It helps entrepreneurs of online businesses identify their competitors, analyze them and accordingly tailor one’s business strategy to convert websites visits to sales.

Sample E-commerce Competitor Analysis

E-commerce competitor analysis conducted by: Dianna Burke, Online Business Analyst

Date of submission of analysis report: February 5, 2012

Name of the company:

Company website:

Company description:

The company is an online megastore that enables easy discounted purchase of various materials of daily use. True to its tagline, the store comprises of almost everything from food items to books, electronic gadgets to clothing accessories, watches to shoes. It allows the user to browse their product collection and prides on its extremely fair and legitimate business and return policies. The company is also popular for its offering of huge amount of discounts on anything and everything. It also provides one with the option of making one’s payment by cash or credit card and offers one the opportunity to pay on delivery.

Competitor analysis:

1.      Name of the company: Shopper’s paradise.

  • Website visit: 145000 per day
  • Website sales: 52000 per day
  • Website traffic rank: 145
  • Online business revenue earned: 4500$ per day
  • Online business investment made: 300$ per day
  • Online business profitability: 63%

Positives: Well-designed website, easy to understand and access.

Negatives: Not much discount offered; shady return policy.

2.      Name of the company:

  • Website visit: 320000 per day
  • Website sales: 26000 per day
  • Website traffic rank: 96
  • Online business revenue earned: 6500$ per day
  • Online business investment made: 1200$ per day
  • Online business profitability: 53%

Positives: well-designed useful bags, not much expensive.

Negatives: confusing website, URL mostly not found

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