An education industry analysis demonstrates the findings of a study based on the various linkages of the education industry. It brings forth the underlying factors on which the facets of the industry are dependent and lists them down in order in a well-formatted document. It should be thus conducted sincerely by a technical team of equipped members.

Sample Education Industry Analysis

Education Industry Analysis

Industrial region: Westmont County

Analysis structured by: Miss Tiara Duncan

Analysis given on: 6th December, 2011

Analysis based on: Qualitative and quantitative approach

Aim of the analysis: This analysis would put forward the statistics based on the economic output churned out by the universities and colleges, earning potential of prospective workers, employment generation and its economic impact and the business sectors most attracted by the presence of certain universities.

Key points extrapolated from the analytic studies of the industry are as follows:

  • It is estimated that all universities and institutions combined would generate more than 3 lakh students with bachelor’s degree and more than 3.5 lakh students with master degree.
  • 10% of the universities would assign placements to the students depending on their merit which would solve the problem of unemployment to a large extent. It is expected that such placements would compensate for 50% vacancies.
  • The business professions to be most benefitted by the presence of the universities are namely the mainstream ones like telecom services, banking, legal services, hospitals, real estates and business management including public relations.
  • The recent private ventures have shown hopes regarding increased per capita income of the entire region.



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