The education technology industry analysis is done so as to gauge the impact and efficiency of learning and educative equipment used in different sections of society. This analysis studies the practice of ensuring improvement and learning through the performance of using, creating and managing the right technological resources and practices. This analysis is part of the instructional process that encompasses all kinds of learning processes.  This analysis is used to practice and design the different ways of developing, designing and managing as well as utilizing the resources for learning.

The technology that is used includes various kinds of systems which are used in the process of human capability development in schools, colleges and other educational facilities. This analysis is not limited to just hardware and software but also to different internet programs and applications as well as websites. This helps in proving the standards of education.

Sample Education technology Industry Analysis

Name of School: Yin’s School of Joy

Type: Nursery and Kindergarten

Analysis for: Bugs Bunny’s Draw Your Own Shapes (software)

Targeted for: Kindergarten children

Analysis Approach: To examine the effectiveness of the software concerned in helping the students develop essential motor skills using the computer and also promoting cerebral development through the wide range of colors and shapes.

Summary of Analysis:

  • More than 70 children out of 100 have responded positively to the program
  • There has been an improvement in terms of how the children are approaching the different shapes and colors.
  • There has been a vast development in reading and writing basic skills.
  • The students have also shown positive and eager attitude throughout the learning process each day
  • The time provided each day for using this software is one hour. Those with eye issues will have to cut down to half an hour each day.

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