An employment analysis format is a document which highlights the means by which an employment analysis is carried out and the findings recorded. It is an important document in that it provides and account of the employment situation in a particular job or across a broad spectrum of industries. Thus an employment analysis format must be framed carefully.

Sample Employment Analysis Format

Job sector analyzed: ___________________________

Date of submission of employment analysis report: ____________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of an employment analysis format must identify the purpose of such an evaluation, the authorities conducting it and the source for which it has been commissioned. An employment analysis is usually carried out by trained professionals who have at their disposal, the tools required to make such an analysis. Such an analysis can be carried out on a company or on a particular job sector. These factors on which the results are contingent must first be indentified to avoid confusion and to form a proper introduction.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of an employment analysis format must highlight the means by which the conclusions have been drawn. The factors considered must be specified. These factors may include the divisive categories like income, education, employment criteria etc. all such considerations directly influence the result. The commonly used tools of analysis like comparison, use of questionnaires and surveys must be identified and listed.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of the employment analysis must provide the conclusion of the research. It must be written lucidly with no ambiguities. The conclusion must be honest and unbiased. Inferences can be drawn from the conclusion to provide a suitable conclusion to the entire exercise.

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