An employment analysis template is a document which serves as a guide to the correct framing of an employment analysis report. An employment analysis is often conducted by trained professionals either hired externally by an organization, or often a part of the organization’s human resource team. It is a vital research in all senses and must be conducted comprehensively.

Sample Employment Analysis Template

Employment analysis conducted by: ___________________________________ [Mention the name of the agency or department within a company in charge of the employment analysis]

Date of submission of employment analysis fact-finding report: ________________________ [Provide the relevant date]

Employment analysis commissioned by: ______________________ [Name the agency or company which has commissioned the employment analysis]

Purpose of the employment analysis:

  • Purpose 1: __________________________
  • Purpose 2: __________________________
  • Purpose 3: __________________________ [Enlist the purposes for which such an exercise is being conducted. Mention the benefits such as the power of information, the current trends in employment, candidates’ preference for certain jobs, pay scales etc]

Mention the variables and constants identified in the employment analysis data gathered: ________________________________________________________ [Provide the relevant information]

Statistical, analytical and methodological tools used in the employment analysis:

  • Module 1: ________________________________________________
  • Module 2: ________________________________________________
  • Module 3: _________________________________________________ [Mention the relevant research methods adopted]

Conclusions drawn:

Conclusion 1: ________________________________

Conclusion 2: ________________________________

Conclusion 3: ________________________________ [Based on the given data and using the research tools specified above, certain conclusion are reached which must be noted won carefully as they form the crux of the employment analysis report]

For more information contact: ________________________________________

For a detailed report, log on to: _______________________________________ [Provide valid contact and web details]

Download Employment Analysis Template

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