An employment discrimination analysis is a survey conducted by an authorized and reputed agency, both governmental and non-governmental, into claims of employment discrimination at offices, companies, business enterprises and other institutions. This is a very serious charge which can be penalized by law if proven correct. Thus, an employment discrimination analysis report must be prepared after through research.

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Sample Employment Discrimination Analysis:

Employment Discrimination Analysis

Download Employment Discrimination Analysis

Name of agency conducting the employment discrimination analysis: Equality and Justice Pvt. Ltd. [a non-profit organization working with the Labor Department, US government]

Date of submission of employment discrimination analysis report: 1st August 2011

Employment discrimination analysis commissioned by: Department of Labor, United States Government.

Purpose of the employment discrimination analysis:

  • The employment discrimination analysis is aimed at verifying reports of malpractice, and discrimination at work in various job sectors.
  • The reports of the analysis will be published in all leading dailies of the country in order to evoke public reaction and engender debate and transparency.
  • Efforts will be made to incorporate suggestions and expert advice from selected panels to stem this discrimination, and to provide equal opportunities for all.
  • This employment discrimination analysis has been commissioned by the concerned ministry in order to raise awareness and to establish widespread public opinion on the matter. This issue must be brought into the public domain for there to be any chance of eradicating it.

Factors to be considered:

  • Presence of glass ceiling in offices especially as far as women are concerned.
  • Racial profiling and discrimination on offices and workspaces.
  • Disparity in payments across the same sector.

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