Employment equity analysis refers to the just and open-minded process of analysing the employment opportunities available to everyone who are normal as well as so called abnormal like physically challenged or those belonging to minority classes. It is required to be conducted in an impartial manner so as to bring the grievances of the deprived people to the limelight.

Sample Employment Equity Analysis

Name of the organization: Canadian Census

Name of the analyst: Mr. Leonardo Blake, Reporter

Date of preparation of report: 8th February, 2011

Description of employment equity: It maintains that employment should be given on grounds of merit without any implied or expressed bias wherein everyone will be treated equitably rather compensating for the shortages and under-perfections.

Objective behind the analysis: The report would lay down the barriers to employment and the myopic treatments of employees that are legally forbidden so that the government can take up the matter in the assembly.

Number and genre of subjects: 1000 employees consisting of women, partially invalid people and tribal men.

Age group: 30 years and above

Provinces of instituting equity policies:

  • Interviews and meetings held to judge the value of designated candidates
  • Broadcasting of services to places where minorities reside for their complete awareness and accessibility
  • Banking sector for unhindered transaction of money matters

Lapses of employment equity:

  • The system discards the employment needs of normal people under unavoidable circumstances who fall in the general category.
  • Many of the ethnic group members are affluent and their pre-entitled employment encroaches upon the rights of people in need.

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