Employment interview analysis is a document that presents the facts exposed through an analysis of the tools used for employment. It is done by expert analysts who are trained to devise the questions in such a manner that there is no element of insularity and the innermost qualities and traits of the plaintiff come out during a session.

Sample Employment Interview Analysis

Analysis done for: Grisham Cosmetic Shoppe

Analysis done by: Jemima Houston, Analyst

Analysis report submitted on: 5th September, 2011

Analysis requirement: It is required to be done to check the degree of effectiveness of the tools used in interviewing saleswomen. Their skills of manipulating customers need to be authentically proved by interviews.

Skills: We prefer female applicants to males as the work involves representing the company in international forum and taking personal stands in dealing with women’s demands.

Educational qualification: It needs to be sound in order to carry out fluent and nonchalant conversations with clients.

Emotional criterion: The applicants are required to remain unflustered even on continuous pestering and keep entertaining doubts of customers.

Analysis results:

  • The interviews should not just rely on the replies given but also take the outer appearance of the candidate into consideration as saleswomen are needed to face high-end customers.
  • The questions should be framed in a way that applicants are made to answer specifically without dodging.
  • The facial expressions, body language and gestures must be curiously monitored during the session as that plays a grand role in conveying the persona.
  • Manners and etiquette must be checked for traces of desperation.

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