Employment market analysis is the process of analysing the moribund scope of employment and providing a conclusive report of the job status. This is a very delicate issue as it encompasses the evaluation of the country’s economic conditions along with the availability against the demands. Thus it should be conducted only at governmental discretion.

Sample Employment Market Analysis

Subject: Employment market analysis of Paediatricians

Analysis commissioned by: National Health Welfare Department

Date of analysis: 6th August, 2011

Analysis completed by: Dr. David Cruise, Senior Paediatrician

Need for analysis: Most of the time, the role of a paediatrician is underestimated because they are believed not to possess the basic gumption or expertise like that of a professional doctor thus affecting the market growth.

Work of a paediatrician:

  • They prescribe ways to lower the incidence of developmental disorders in children
  • They provide useful advice on vaccinations and immunizations against deadly diseases
  • They participate in awareness programs and tutor people about health habits

Scope: A paediatrician is free to choose his own area of interest and mastery from an array of options like neurology, cardiology and psychology.

Job market: Diminishing mortality rates and developing birth rates acts as a propelling force to the demand of trained paediatricians in all nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Since parents are keener on a healthy development of their children rather than just a disease-free growth, their strides are greatly recognised by health institutions.

Future prospect: The market is expected to expand by 12% over the next few years. At present the growth rate is 14% (above average).

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