An employment trend analysis is a document laying down the patterns of employment and its changes of a certain geographical area for a specific time by conducting formal studies on them. It must be framed with statistical inputs and carry the qualitative aspects of such inclinations in order to arrest the probable areas of disruption in the system.

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Employment Trend Analysis

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Employment trend analysis of the Tobacco sector

Background to the analysis: The government’s attempts at trying to curb smoking behaviour in people have indirectly overtaken the tobacco manufacturing industry by risking the jobs of thousands of labourers creating an exigency of a fresh meeting on this issue among the different countries. There is a severe need of balancing the laws enforcing anti-tobacco campaigns which have been adopted by the member countries.

Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Period: 2010-2011

The following points on employment of tobacco labourers take the spotlight to the prevalent trends in the sector:

  • The ratio of prevalence of smoking habit was found to be 4:1 (400 males and 100 females) in the developed countries during 2008-09 which has drastically reduced to 2:1 owing to the cancer ads and statutory warnings.
  • The production rate was estimated to be 56 billion pieces per year that came down to 54 billion pieces in the year 2010-2011 as a result of the falling consumption. It was found that cigarettes were produced by 1 billion extra pieces.
  • This led to downsizing of the tobacco labourers and the current size of the labourers is 8 crore which was earlier 10 crore in total.



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