Employment analysis is generally done by the officials of a government organization or a private consultant projecting the employment status of a particular sector, region or the economy as a whole. The analysis is based chiefly on numeric data collected from first hand or secondary resources. There are statistical software packages used in processing the data and relevant information is condensed into pertinent conclusions and policy prescriptions, if required, are recommended in a concise manner.

The employment, from a general perspective, occurs in three sectors – primary, secondary and tertiary. The agricultural sector falls in the primary segment and accordingly treated by the employment analysis. The secondary sector contains the manufacturing segment and related production of goods. The tertiary sector is centered on the service sector and allied activities which the employment analysis takes into account in an organized manner.

The employment analysis specifically looks into the matters that deal with the permanent and temporary professions both in the government and in the private sector. There is another classification that comes into play – the organized and the unorganized sector. The concerned consulting firm that performs the employment analysis focus on the break of the sectors in regards to employing the people of a city/region/province/country.

The policy makers and those who implement those concerning employing people are benefitted immensely by a wholesome employment analysis. The growth or the reduction of the employment rate is also being calculated and necessary measures are taken to manage the situation to achieve the desired social and commercial perspectives.

The ideas about the distribution of labor are also highlighted by the employment analysis. The authorities get to know in details which areas require a revamp in order to restructure the production scenario in a much more optimized way. The employment analysis is a necessary activity to achieve the planned macroeconomic goals.

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