An engineering analysis example is the scaffolding design of an engineering analysis conducted for a particular piece of information or work. It generates questions regarding the performance of the sample and seeks to answer them with the help of prevailing tools and techniques of study. Thus it is an accurate and meticulous attempt to decipher engineering questions.

Engineering Analysis Example

Engineering analysis of Car Seats

Engineering analysis authorized by: Elite Car Company

Engineering analysis document framed by: Lindsay Barnett

Date of engineering analysis compilation: 6th January, 2011

Date of launch: 8th January, 2011

Operational motive: The analysis will draw upon the functional features of the car seats used in the top priced cars to see if the engineering of the seats has been achieved in the most desirable manner in the background of the general pleas from clients to raise the comfort level.

Analysis Summary:

  • The newly designed car seats have been modeled in a shape that would ensure free space in the car boot as well as seat space for passengers in the front. This would evade space crunch in the car enhancing comfort level.
  • The central column and elastic springs used for supporting the general seat structure would ensure resistance to jerk and assure minimum shaking while the car is on move to the relief of drivers.
  • The leather used in the engineering of the seats is soft for touch but hardy to oppose stress for long durations. This ability to defy environmental strain would prove to be a strong determinant of emotional comfort for the passengers.

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