The engineering functional analysis is a process which allows a company to ensure that a particular project has been functionally integrated within the system model. The analysis is done in order to ensure that there are no problems regarding the production of the project. There is a need to identify the main issues and also to check whether they meet the customers’ needs and requirements. It is important that all the requirements are properly verified.

It becomes crucial that the production functions without any hindrance. There needs to be an investigation of all the performance, cost and risk variables and alternatives attached to the final product as well. Most companies prefer setting up a model wherein all the requirements are accommodated. It becomes pertinent to apply the hypothetical model into the main production later on.

All elements within the production must be incorporated as well. There should be design, communication and proper coordination with all aspects. This needs to be launched as per the output met. The functional analysis should consider all technical functions and they need to be checked various times before commencing.

Sample Engineering Functional Analysis

The following analysis has been conducted for SOOB Co.

Systems Engineer: BOOD Ltd.

Date: 22.3.11

Project: Digital Audio-Visual Recognition Product for XXX Laptop model

Objective: To check whether the product has been designed as per customer requirements

Model One:


  • The price must include at least 55% of the target customer market
  • The software especially with respect to battery life must be met

Model Two:


  • Need to be cost effective in terms of production
  • Should have a lower price than other models (if existing)
  • Should have power battery


  • Production must be within the set budget
  • Should use cost effective labor
  • Should be properly packaged and marketed
  • Should minimize risk

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