An engineering industry analysis provides a view of the technical side of an engineering work or plant and evaluates the performance of the industry as a whole. It furnishes the negative as well as the positive features of the industry through profound examination of the industrial units and lays down the results exhaustively. It serves to benefit future investors and prospective workers.

Sample Engineering Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis of Infrastructure

Name of the engineering industry: Infrastructure

Components: Roads, railways, sewers, transportation, dams, waste management, public facilities, electricity, water supply and telecommunications.

Analysis objective: This engineering industry analysis demarcates the plans conceived for infrastructural development and the practical performances of the officials. Thus this analysis is an attempt to understand the fissure left in between the intellectual and the technical attainments thereby filling the gap with suitable measures.

Type of analysis: Qualitative

Analysis parented by: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Analysis report yielded by: Roger Feeder, Analyst

Dated: 9th September, 2011

Analysis Report:

Report 1: The current funding state is reasonably low and necessitates immediate increment in funding investments on part of private and government entrepreneurs to take the infrastructure to a higher notch.

Report 2: Public safety is found to have increased due to proper vigilance but it is still not guaranteed by the authorities.

Report 3: The government needs to be in direct talks with the engineering department to increase manpower and operative forces in the construction field.

Report 4: Maintenance work is required to be directed more powerfully and allotted an investment amount of estimated 6 million dollars per annum.

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