The engineering job analysis is conducted by the organization in order to ascertain the perfect qualifications required by the candidate. For any company, it is essential to develop industrialism, to train the engineers so that they shall be valuable to the organization. The job will require candidates who are able to take the lead in all the various functions indispensable in any organization.

If the company inquires somewhat more minutely-into the qualities that make for leadership in engineering, it will tend to find that thoroughness, originality and the habit of ensuring all production acquirements are essential in the candidate. Originality is required, and it may-be cultivated; these qualities are, certainly within the reach of every young-candidate with normal qualifications.

The habit of going to the bottom of every’ project investigated instead of contentment-with a superficial examination is one to be, assiduously cultivated. The analysis makes concentrated effort makes mental fitness for’ still deeper levels of penetration.

Sample Engineering Job Analysis

Company: Bob Diggers Co.

Candidate: Mario Paso

Application for: Ore Engineer

Job Requirement:

The company deals with low grade copper ore manipulation which has already benefited it by utilizing the devices and knowledge of the iron processes. The four great responsibilities to be upheld by the Ore engineer in coal production and use:

1. Mechanical loading of the coal after the face is shot in the mine.

2. The establishment of great storage piles at points of large consumption.

3. A reform in use and distribution of coal at large cities.

4. The classification of coal from its chemical and physical characteristics in the manner that wheat or iron ore is now classified.

Candidate Overview:

  • Five years experience as a Ore Engineer
  • Qualified engineer with 4 years of educational experience


Candidate has been hired for the stated position.

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