The engineering report analysis is a method through which manufacturing companies are able to examine and assess their production designs carefully. There are different analytic methods that are adopted for this system. Essentially, the first process is to define and elaborate the method to be adopted for the production.

The company also must go through proper economic analysis in terms of all the resources that are to be used. It is important that the company analyses the requirements of the production and allocate the resources accordingly. A number of decisions need to be made and verified accordingly as well.

There are various structures that companies can adopt and this is dependent on the situation and policies of the company. Most companies adopt linear and mixed integer models. This helps in gaining particular outcome. There can be different designs for different processes concerned. All must be verified and placed within the project report as well. The analysis must be detailed and the report must be through so as to avoid errors of all kinds.

Sample Engineering Report Analysis

The following is an analysis that has been adopted through the PPO integer model for the

Report created by/ Engineer: Burke Thomas

Date: 4.2.2011

Design Report of Production

  • Procedure One: The production model has incorporated machinery that is updated and relevant for the particular product to be manufactured.
  • Procedure Two: The resource to be allocated has been assessed as planned prior to manufacturing
  • Procedure Three: Labor has been allocated.
  • Procedure Four: All manufacturing must commence in 3 months.

Economic Analysis of Resources to be used:

  • Material to be used: $2, 00,0000
  • The number of products¬† required through the first period of production: 100,0000 pieces per store

Conclusion: It is essential that all products should be created as has been mentioned in the report.

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