The engineering sensitivity analysis takes into account modern designs for various manufacturing purposes. The analysis is done based on computer based models wherein certain indicators help in understanding the construction line that will be used for the production of a particular product.

This includes selection of data, editing it, normalization, selecting sub indicators, weighting scheme, composite indicator formula and weight values. These are necessary for any analytical model and especially for gauging production sensitivity. The indicators are used to help determine the level of innovativeness that a model of production adopts. There are also patents that need to be considered per capita.

This indicates the level of invention carried forth. The royalty of each patent value must be considered since these will be used in determining the share value for each shareholder. This allows the engineers to examine the effects and the uncertainties of building the product and the best possible model that can be used as well. This is most extensively used for the purpose of creating biochemical models.

Sample Engineering Sensitivity Analysis

Company: Bosch Lot Co.

Analysis by: Peddlers Ltd.

Date: 13.5.2012

Main objective: To determine whether using CVB technology for the building of SIM cards is risk-free or not.


  • SIM card to be manufactured is compatible with all CELL phone models and will be provided complementary with every finished cell phone product.
  • The CVB technology will be able to insert the NANO-chip within the SIM without external damage or altercations to the SIM.

Possible risks:

  • The CVB technology will require more power for production: Electricity consumption at a rate of 445 W/H may hamper overall production
  • There is no certainty that the internal damage will not be caused by CVB and might not be traced immediately but after consumer purchase.

Verdict: Discard use of CVB

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