An entertainment industry analysis quantifies the level of success achieved by a particular entertainment industry through its amusement services. It encompasses the gross income and popularity scale of the entertainment means at the local, national and international level. Thus it should be written highlighting the prominent reference points of the concerned industry.

Sample Entertainment Industry Analysis

Analysis of Gaming Industry

Business nature: Entertainment

Background: Gaming industry has occupied a mammoth place in the commercial market with millions of youngsters resorting to computer games as both pastime and profession. The annual profit measure is remarkably high and sale figures are growing at great speeds.

Analysis conducted by: Jim Morrison

Designation: Gaming Journalist

Date of analysis: 10th October, 2011

Analysis nature: Attributive


1. The innovation in the designs and application strategies of gaming products like video games, play-stations, ROM drives, cell applications and tablets has brought a huge boost to the gaming sector and escalated the monthly sale of online and purchased games from 2002 to 2010.

2. The net income from this sector has increased by 5% i.e. 2 million dollars) with the introduction of smart-phones. The income has been touched by the growing awareness among children about games and videos due to wide-scale advertisements.

3. The business practices of the distributors have shifted to individualized demands from general choice last year which has subsequently made online games customized and player-oriented. This has been a sound reason behind the excited furor over computer games.


All the product, business and market trends have worked together collaboratively for the overall progress of the industry.

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